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Kanchan Quinlan is a Canadian-Indian visual artist and an architectural/urban designer. Born in Toronto and raised in India for the first seven years of her life, Kanchan was exposed to diverse cultures and places throughout her childhood. These experiences sparked Kanchan’s interest in the arts, leading her to pursue a degree in the humanities at the University of Toronto and a Master of Architecture degree at Carleton University.   Kanchan is the recipient of the Azrieli Scholarship for her thesis project entitled Ritual Architecture: 5 weeks. 7 states.11 cities.1 village.  Her diverse knowledge coupled with her travel adventures in over 15 countries brings a rich and unique approach to her painting style and design projects.    


Kanchan specializes in abstract painting to explore the relationship between natural elements and the built environment. Her paintings transform existing conditions into abstract fragmented elements by creating layers of geometric shapes, patterns, and forms with the use of contrasting colours, textures, and broad brush strokes.  Together these techniques create depth, flow, and movement in the paintings.   

Kanchan's passion for architecture and urban design is rooted in her connection to the built environment on a human scale.  Kanchan designs public and private spaces by gracefully connecting form and function into the site context to ultimately create a piece of art.